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I'm Robert Ilijason > Data Expert Innovation Lead Tech Generalist

Hi, My name is Robert Ilijason. I am a problem solver and technical junkie with deep experience of utilising data and technology to solve business problems. A tech generalist and strategist with wide-ranging interests in the field.

My forte lies in serving as the conduit between technical audiences and business end users, helping to connect the dots.

Birthday: June 12th 1976

Website: www.ilijason.se

Phone: +46 (0)705 322 101

In IT since: 1995

E-mail: hello@ilijason.se

Linkedin: /robert-ilijason

What I Do


Data Engineering

With more than 20 years in the business intelligence segment I know the space well. I prefer to use SQL, Python and Spark in Databricks.


I love help build something out of nothing, thinking outside of the sphere and making sure end users reach their real goal quicker and easier.

Pro Bono Anything

If you are you a charity or a startup with empty pockets, and in need of some problem solving skills, let me know. I'd love to help.

Data Analytics

Digging into raw data and finding the information diamonds is a passion of mine. It is in there somewhere. Just give it time and keep digging.

Product Owner

Nurturing a product, slowly helping it grow to its full potential, supporting its users is a fantastic experience that I enjoy doing.

Cloud Infrastructure

The whole IT world is quickly moving to the cloud. I can help you make sense of the techonology and guide you in your upwards journey.

For Recruiters

What I'm looking for

If you're here to see if I match an assignment or job, welcome! While I'm probably happy where I am, I'm always open to listening to new opportunities.

I do, however, request that you respect my time. Don't contact me about anything clearly not in my line of interest and note that I'm a skilled professional with a long experience.

While exceptions can be made for exceptional assignments/jobs, in general I won't consider anything contract below 1 000SEK/hour or any job with a total compensation value below 80 000SEK/month gross.

Note that I'm based in Helsingborg, southern Sweden. For the right place I'm willing to travel across Europe. Remote work is fine as well.


Startup spirit


New horizons

Current interests

Fun stuff

Connecting ideas


Keep playing


Contact Me

Robert Ilijason @ Ubåt AB.
Feel free to get in touch.
I prefer LinkedIn, but anything goes.

PHONE: +46 (0)705 322 101

WHATSAPP: +46 (0)705 322 101

EMAIL: hello at ilijason dot se

SKYPE: robert.ilijason

Location: Viken, Helsingborg, Sweden.


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